About Silverfox Initiative

Somewhere in the mid of 2017, a man who was always in an obsession to create something, started looking for names to name that “something”. After a lot of choices from friends and well wishers, the name silverfox stick in his mind. The suggestions after this name Silverfox, doesn’t convince him. He finalized the name Silverfox and started working towards the project on a trial and error basis, which are part of the initiative and continued in 2018 too. He searched for the domain with the name silverfox to create a web for the initiative but most of the top level domains of silverfox are already taken. Meanwhile, xyz top level domain is emerging as a good extension after Alphabet Inc. started using it and fortunately silverfox.xyz was available to register.  He registered the domain silvefox.xyz as he is from the generation Gen Y: “The Millennials”, and would like to collaborate with both Gen X and Gen Z.

The year 2018 has been quite transformative for him. At the end of the year 2018, he evaluated the things that happened, to clearly find the direction and the path for the 2019.

The most important point of the evaluation is to have a laser like focus on one thing. He noted the lessons and defined some action points to be worked on. The man now trusts that something great is emerging. Let’s see how the invincible man is progressing in the year 2019 with the help of the entire universe conspiring to give him whatever he wants.

He also wishes each one of you reading this a very good luck in 2019.

-The Invincible Man.